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Didactic materials and selected original texts of the resistance group ‚Die Weiße Rose’ to the project ‘Sophie Scholl – (Hi)Stories of Courage’

Using a side exit of the Sophie Scholl VR museum brings you to the VR learning environment ‚A View to Freedom‘: Here you find excerpts from teaching materials an the topic of civil courage, developed and put together by the project leaders for the kick off-events, workshops and virtual summer camps in South America and Southeast Europe. They also were the basis for impulses and tasks on the project’s naming patron and on the topic of ‚civil courage‘ given to the youths for the contributions they developed in the different project stages and exhibited in the virtual museum.

Commissioned by the Goethe Institut Athen, the learning platform was conceived by Matthias Baumann, the media responsible in the ‚Sophie Scholl‘-project. Of course visitors can return from the platform to the museum and continue their tour their.

Here is the link to the Goethe learning platform: