TADE 21 – Technology, Arts, Design, Education

In a condensed form and in a spirit of reciprocal inspiration TADE 21 represents the research- and practice-based scientific profile of the IKMW at the intersection between technology, arts/culture, organisation/leadership and cultural education. Beyond this TADE 21 reflects the strategic and operative practice of the IKMW that is based on cooperation and international partnerships/networks.

Idea and Intention

Today and in the future cultural practice and artistic production rely on the interdependence between analog and digital, between real and virtual. The same is true for teaching, research, conferences and project co-operations in education and science. The interplay between digital media technology, creativity, artistic/cultural forms of expression and aesthetic education shapes the societal and cultural life in the 21st century.

It thus is about time to analyze and represent the versatile competencies and interdisciplinary processes exemplarily and paradigmatically and to practically realize them in selected projects.

TADE 21 (Technology, Arts, Design, Education) is considered an IKMW-based platform for research and co-operation.

TADE 21 pools, systemizes and extends the long-lasting co-operation in education and projects in the areas of arts, culture and media management. To do so it integrates innovative media technologies, analyses these technologies methodologically and puts them to test in real project applications.

This concept presents the thematic focal points and sketches potential formats and areas for application. On a new and future-oriented level, TADE 21 continues long and successful academic projects and experiences. With its platform concept it opens up to additional partners from science and the creative industries.

In the year of the 100th anniversary of Joseph Beuys and in a free variation of his ideas TADE 21 defines itself as a “platform of permanent conferences”:

  • Joint research projects at the intersection of technology, arts and aesthetic education
  • Methodologically profound and research-based collaborative art projects, both digital and analog
  • Development of cultural and media-based education and academic teaching projects and formats
  • Project development with partners from the creative industries with a special focus on organizational development, managerial methods and practices
  • Realization of digital, analog and hybrid conferences and fairs

This program is realized through pooling and focusing existing resources and activities, integrating students, teachers, school children, scientists from different disciplines and external partners from education, business and the arts.

Concept and Context


TADE 21 as the „Platform of Permanent Conference“ should be organized like an independent studio for interdisciplinary projects, educational and research activities, selected and supervised by the board of directors and connected with partner institutions on academic-scientific level (= network organization). Home bases of the platform are the IKMW and its academic partners and cooperators.


Impact and success factors of Extended Reality in Arts and Creative Industries

Impact study for EU-funded cooperation project REAL IN


IKMW will perform a mixed-method research project for the international ccoperation project REAL IN, with partners in Avignon, Barcelona, Hamburg, Milano und Marseille. The study will provide an analysis of the impact of new Extended Reality-applications in different art genres and creative industries sectors developed by interdisciplinary teams on visitors and users – together with a documentation of aesthetic, organisational/managerial and technologic success factors.