History and Profile

The Institute for Arts and Media Industries (IKMW) was founded as the successor of the Institute for Arts and Media Management (IKM) at the Freie Universität (FU) Berlin by Prof. Dr. Klaus Siebenhaar and the music publisher Prof. Dr. Rolf Budde (†2018) in 2016. The main objective of the IKMW was to continue and enlarge the international projects of the IKM in arts and culture in the framework of a private enterprise. Besides commissioned research projects in of audience development, on private/corporate funding for the arts and on cultural urban development the IKMW specifically achieved to continue ambitious projects in the arts like exhibitions and festivals. The same holds for already established academic training programmes like KUMA (Cultural Management in China and Mongolia).

After five successful years the range will be enlarged in 2021 into cultural and media-education in schools as well as into different cooperations with scientific and academic partners. Besides universities, academies and institutes in China, Mongolia and Hungary there will be continuous collaborations with the Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen and the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, Mannhein.

All already established and the new activities in research, cultural production, cultural education and professional training will be merged on the platform TADE 21. From now on diverse projects, programs and educational formats will be clustered here, always focusing the reciprocal interdependencies between (media) technologies (“technology”), artistic / cultural development (“arts”), organizational / managerial concepts (“design”) and external cultural communiation/education. TADE 21 is an umbrella term, a framework and an interdisciplinary, cross-sectional task across all activities of the IKMW.

Headquarter Löwenpalais

The IKMW together with B&S Siebenhaar Verlag+Medien have set up their new headquarters in the affluent Grunewald. Through the combination the broad lounge and exhibition spaces of the Starke Foundation the new location also offers manifold possibilities for events and ccoperations.