Projects in Art and Culture

Artistic production – in own Trägerschaft or in cooperations – already is a tradition for the IKMW. Through the predecessor institute it possesses longstanding expertise especially in exhibitions, but also in the realm of interdisciplinary projects in the area of cultural and urban development. This experience and knowledge will now also be brought to bear in international cooperations.

The large exhibition projects include “Mythos documenta” in the CAFA Art Museum in Beijing (2017), “Arnold Bode and his Hears” in the New Gallery of Art in Shanghai (2018) as well and exhibitions and conferences in the programme “Budapest x Berlin”. In 2021 the exhibition “Joseph Beuys and the documenta”, conceived in cooperation with the Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen and the documenta Archive, was shown in the residence of the German embassy in Beijing.

Art heals!

Hungarian-Chinese-German „Art Clinic“ opened in Budapest

On the weekend 13/14 May 2022 the „First Aid-Art Clinic” was opened in Budapest’s Bartok-Distrikt (11. District) as a part of the Budapest “Sprig Festival”. The art project was developed over the course of almost five months in a cooperation between the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) Beijing, the Eleven Blokk Art Foundation, Budapest, and the IKMW Berlin, a cooperation that was unconventional both organizationally and in the manner of curating. As a hybrid format with “distance curating”, diglog field research and a concrete physical realization in five real sites in Budapest, the “Art Clinic developed into a successful, very well frequented art event. At the same time it proved an exemplary creative model for international cooperation under times of the pandemic. There will be further projects of this kind in the constellation Budapest-Berlin-Beijing following this encouraging experiences and outcomes.

Building on the core idea that art heals the ten upcoming curators from China and Hungary developed a narration comprising five stations: „Show Your Wound“, „Land of Demons“, „Cross the Boarder, Ferryman“, „Wonderland Cythera“ and „Paradise: Arcadia“. A path from hurt toward eventual healing is represented and told with different artistic formats from Hungarian and Chinese artists.

Together after Corona!

Second Open Space-Workshop at the Landestheater Tübingen

Under the header “Together! The LTT after Corona!” Achim Müller has facilitated the second Open Space-workshop for the Landestheater Tübingen (LTT) on 14 May 2022. The first Open Space took place in 2019, just before the beginning of the COVID pandemic. The Open Space-workshops are part of the LTT’s organizational development strategy: In order to meet current and upcoming challenges the LTT wants to continuously develop everyday work and its artistic profile with the participation of all interested employees.

To ensure that the input and initiatives find their way into the practice of the LTT the results and their feasibility were evaluated with a steering workgroup comprising representatives from all areas of the theatre. First activities are already under way, for example a whole day with artistic program reflecting the war in Ukraine, entirely planned and organized by employees. And the process continues: the core elements of the next development workshop projected for the next season are already set.

TUP Essen on Track towards Future

The IKMW participates in shaping the change process „TUP of the Future“ of the Theater and Philharmonics (TUP) Essen. Already in the season 2020/21 members of TUP Essen from all departments developed proposals for ten areas where TUP should reposition and reorganize. With assistence from IKMW these proposals will be cast into concrete measures and plans that will feed into the further development of TUP Essen and into applications for funding in programs of North Rhine-Westphalia until Summer 2022.

Through facilitation and consulting in work processes and decision-making as well through contributing to an application for funding in North Rhine-Westphalia the IKMW supports TUP Essen on its mission to become a model for a theater of the future.

Beuys travels in China

Exhibition accessible for a broad public for the first time in Guangzhou/Canton

For three weeks the two documentary exhibitions „Joseph Beuys and the documenta“ and „Cosmos Beuys: About Art and Life in 20th century Avantgarde“ will be open to a broad public in Guangzhou/Canton. Both exhibitions are shown in a private cultural center under the partonage of the General Consulate after their opening the residency of the German Embassy in Beijing. Further station in Spring 2022 are planned in Chengdu and Shanghai .



Online-Seminar „Curated City“ at the CAFA Beijing

Cooperation project Beijing-Berlin-Budapest established

Just before Christmas the multimedia seminar „Curated City: About Art, Urban Space and Public Interest“ in the Master program „Arts Management“ at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) was concluded successfully. With Achim Müller and Dániel Ongjerth the interdisciplinary, practice-oriented course for the first time included two project leaders of the Berlin-Budapest/St. Margareten cultural development project.

An eight-person „CAFA collective“ was formed out of the seminar. It will be integrated in the program development in Budapest and will support in the implementation of customized online offers. The experimental international project cooperation is organized and works in the spirit of the model of the “Lumbung” practiced by “ruangrupa”, the collective conceiving the documenta fifteen.

Ausfegen/Sweeping up

On September 26 2021 the hommage to Beuys „Ausfegen/Sweeping Up“ opened the Budapest Autumn festival of culture. The action/exhibition transfers Beuys‘ idea of a ritual sociopolitical „sweeping up“ to present-day Budapest. At the same time the project, produced by Dániel Ongjerth and his „Eleven Blokk Foundation“ and Klaus Siebenhaar from IKMW, represents the start of a long-term cooperation between Budapest’s 2nd district  St. Margret, the „Eleven Blokk Foundation“ and the IKMW, aimed at the paradigmatic development of the 2nd district with artistic scientific methods. Working with Beuys‘ ideas of „sweeping up“, „exhibiting“ and „social sculpture“ and with the inclusion and participation of citizens, the development process is to initiate and implement sustainable cultural activities of community building.

As a foundation a study on the district will be realized.Throughout 2022 multiple projects in culture, media and arts are planned. Within the cooperation between Berlin and Budapest they will be realized with local partners and citizens. A cooperation agreement between IKMW, the „Eleven Blokk Foundation“ and the district government has already been signed. In addition the IKMW plans to establish an independent branch office in Budapest.

Exhibition „Joseph Beuys and the documenta“ opens in the German Embassy in Beijing

On September 2021 the German Ambassador Prof. Dr. Jan Hecker opened the exhibition „Joseph Beuys and the documenta in his Beijing residence. The exhibition was curated from Berlin in a cooperation between the documenta-Archive Kassel and the Zeppelin University. In a live transmission from Berlin the former treasury secretary Hans Eichel and the curator Klaus Siebenhaar discussed about the project „7000 Oaks“. The director of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing, Prof. Dr. Yu Ding, talked about Kassel, the documenta and China, followed by seven CAFA students who presented their perception of Beuys on the basis of their seminar „Cosmos Beuys“ in Summer 2021.

In the main hall of the residence numerous photos, documents and television extracts describe the development of Beuys‘ „expanded concept of art“ with reference to his appearances in the documenta from 1964 to 1982 and post mortem in 1987/92. Alongside, a team of CAFA students from the accompanying seminar „Cosmos Beuys“ transformed the residence’s library into a stand-alone montage exhibition.

With great distress we had to learn about the sudden and unexpected death of the new German Ambassador Jan Hecker two days after the opening of the exhibition.

„Budapest x Berlin“-Project relaunched

The project series „Budapest x Berlin“, started in 2018 as a cooperation of IKMW with the Foundation Starke, Berlin, and the Eleven Blokk Art Foundation, Budapest, has been relaunched in September 2021. On September 10 the exhibition „Menschen und Städte. Kim Corbusier“ („People and Cities. Kim Corbusier“) opened in the Löwenpalais of Foundation Starke in Berlin, followed on September 26 by the action „Ausfegen 21“ („Sweeping Up 21“), the start to new urban development project St. Margret.

Both the works of Kim Corbusier, deceased at the age of 27, that are shown outside hungary for the first time, and the action „Ausfegen“ intensify IKMW’s postpandemic art projects.

At the occasion of the exhibition monopol published a comprehensive appraisal of Kim Corbusier.

Klaus Siebenhaar discusses at the Conference „Neo Budapest“ in Hungary

Auf der Konferenz „Neo Budapest“, ausgerichtet von Night Mayor Budapest, diskutiert Klaus Siebenhaar am 28. September 2018 im Fészek Művész Klub in Budapest mit Experten aus Budapest, Berlin, London, Vilnius und Amsterdam über den Zusammenhang von Night-Time-Economy, Kreativwirtschaft und Stadtentwicklung. Aus dem internationalen Erfahrungsaustausch sollen Impulse für die dynamisch wachsende Budapester Kultur- und Kreativbranche entstehen.

The conference is the second part of a cooperation between Berlin, represented among others by IKMW, and Budapest, represented among others by the „Night Mayor Budapest“. Already on August 30 the exhibition „Dreams come from the past, not from the future“ was opened in the framework of this cooperation at the Foundation Starke in the Löwenpalais Berlin.