Beuys travels in China

Successful Exhibitions in Shanghai and Chengdu after first Stop in Guangzhou/Canton

For three weeks the two documentary exhibitions „Joseph Beuys and the documenta“ and „Cosmos Beuys: About Art and Life in 20th century Avantgarde“ will be open to a broad public in Guangzhou/Canton. Both exhibitions are shown in a private cultural center under the partonage of the General Consulate after their opening the residency of the German Embassy in Beijing.

Subsequently „Joseph Beuys und die documenta“ was opened in the Urbancross Gallery in Shanghai on 25 February 2022, only to have to close because of COVID a few days later. After the end of the lockdown the exhibition was on show in Shanghai until mid of July.

On the other hand the exhibition „Cosmos Beuys“ could be presented as scheduled in the XLY MoMa Museum in Chengdu from 2 April until 15 May 2022 and found a vividly interested audience.